How to clean install Windows OS (10 or 11) on your system without bloatware

Windows OS has the highest market share in the world. Almost 4 in every 5 computers run on Windows. But similar to all the other best things, Windows OS too has some flaws.

Windows OS

Today, we will be talking about the bloatware which Windows OS comes with and the PC users have to deal with. Removing these useless apps cannot be done one by one. It needs a lot of patience and manual work. Although, there are some workarounds to remove these bloats, wouldn’t it be better if we did not have to manage the bloats at all in Windows OS?

Recently we found out that there is a way to install the fresh copy of Windows OS on your computer minus any of the extra apps like Candy Crush to Tiktok etc which you probably will not need on your system. And even if you need them later like Netflix, Prime or Spotify, you can always install them later as you will download only the apps you would actually use.

One of the tech youtube ThioJoe, recently shared a tip to install the Windows OS without the bloatware. The method is really simple. As Windows varies what bloatwares it will install on your system based on the region you actually select while installing Windows OS. That means, different regions will have different preinstalled applications.

The solution is to simply set your region to some unknown location. The best way to do that is to choose “English (World)“ as the time and currency format while installing the Windows OS. When you select that, Windows OS will not know which apps it’s supposed to install for this unknown location, so it will skip those. What left is the stock vanilla clean Windows OS experience as you can get. But that is also not perfect as Microsoft still makes sure to install all its first-party apps, such as Office, OneDrive, and the Microsoft Solitaire Collection, regardless of region you are selecting, so you’ll have to remove them yourself if you do not want them.

Also, it is important to know that you cannot set your time and currency to English (World) forever. It can only be set during the installation of Windows OS but most of the Windows features such as Microsoft Store app will not work with this region setting. It is recommended to change this setting after you have set up all your user profiles. If you change this setting before setting up the profiles, Windows might install those bloatwares anyways to your system.

Once your profiles are set up, head back to Settings > Time and Language > Language and Region > Region > Country or Region and update your location.

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